How to deal with some issues of BIM coordination?

In this article, I will mention some issues that almost you can meet when implement internal BIM coordination projects. Bellows are just my individual methods that gathered from our working experiences so I really hope to receive your contribution ideas from who are reading it.
2 issues I would like to mention and hope to collect more solution for them are: separate a master file to multiple project files and some optimized modeling methods to quantities take off for completed architectural objects
Separate project’s file to multiple files for management (with large-scale projects)
- To decrease the volume master file to improve its performance in software
- File segregation help to facilitate to manage a large-scale project by area and category easily
- Help to manage and divide workset by volume to control more efficiently
- Separating a large scale project file to the independent files to decrease the volume master file
- Manage database of each discipline independently
- Easier to manage, check clash and quantities take off separate disciplines
- Easily make the mistakes in the beginning
- Be difficult in access information from the file linked to multi-disciplines
- Take a lot of time in developing the completed objects
- Be difficult in producing shop drawing for some elements related with other disciplines
Some optimized modeling methods to quantities take off for completed architectural objects
- Manual modeling integrate with Extension RoomBook for estimate surface
Pros: export to excel file quickly
Cons: be difficult in management due to not distinguish between walls and floors
- To meddle in adjusting root families, put the completed layers in to the objects like Beam, Structural Column, Structural Foundation.
Pros: ability to distinguish areas of each object like beam, wall…
Cons: Easy to estimate wrong within some typical instances (ie when having external plaster on the surface of beam or wall, this method will give priority to estimate plaster layer first so apart of quantity of wall may be lost.
- Modeling the completed layer by System Family such as: wall, floor, curtain wall
Pros: overcome the cons of above methods
Cons: Cost a lot of time and labor
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