How can a civil engineer become BIM engineer?

BIM is becoming necessary trend for construction facilities because of its comprehensive benefits. Not only architects but civil engineers also want to learn and become a BIM professional. You are able to face some difficulty while being habitual to and matching the very high requirements for modeling and documentation. To BIM practice into projects you have to clarify 2 categories:
1. Modeling 
With this part, you have to be strong at 2 important skills:
- IT Skills and expert in BIM software
BIM is process of information creation, management and exchange base on Cloud computing. Therefore you need understand how database are create in order to control it. About BIM software, you have to be expert in AutoCAD and can start by learning the fundamentals of the most widely used BIM software “Revit”
- 3D thinking and vision
3D working environment is one of things make different to traditional working in construction. This is so difficult to change but have 3D thinking and vision is compulsory condition to become BIM engineer
2. Documentation and construction process
Best way to learn documentation is to look how construction documents are drafted. How details are drafted. You can refer to basic Building construction books for that. I am stressing more on Documentation part as for people from non-Architecture background lack the basic know how for creating drawings. What I observe daily is, modeling is easy to learn for civil folks but, visualizing how the details will be, the basic principles of drawing a Plan, Elevation & Section etc. are the skills which even highly experienced civil engineers with very good software knowledge don't possess.

Construction process knowledge is quite interesting as it requires a lot of onsite experience but the main questions are; do you understand how roads, highways, drainage retaining structures are built? Do you understand the construction phases? Do you understand very well the construction materials and processes?
If you’ve answered yes at most questions above, then you’ll become a BIM expert in less than 6 years provided there are a lot of experience opportunities for you but I don’t recommend you to take this path. Why?
I had neither life nor girlfriend in my last 5 years as becoming an expert in BIM engineering requires tones of passion, dedication, long nights, a lot of experience and thousands of hours day and night spent learning a software or a pallet of softwares that might become obsolete by the time you’ll reach 40’s.
Also, BIM is a way of thinking and approaching problem solving that is not compatible at all with later stages in your career, let’s say project management which is the natural next step for any experienced civil engineer.
You must be thinking there’s a catch right? Well, because a BIM Engineer works on billable hours, your salary will be nothing special in comparison with the one you’ll have in project management. It’s simply to much sacrifice for not so much reward and you’ll also become a master at execution but not at decision making.
I believe any engineer should seek earning freedom on independent thinking. It is this not money the reason why most older engineers decide to open their own consulting businesses.

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