Virtual Reality for BIM objects

The development of Building Information Modeling bring rapidly grow up for various technologies; Virtual Reality (VR) is one of them. VR is technology that BIM designed model can be visualized under the reality view by Virtual Reality (VR) glass technology, you can see on smartphone, gear VR or Oculus Rift. All of elements building like: Wall, interior, MEP… are embed real material, light into and set on scale 1:1 help investors and other peoples who don’t work as engineer still clarify technical design and help them easily decision making.
For detailed, Virtual Reality service brings so many benefits for BIM objects, including:
- For designer and Marketing/Sale: can express conceptual design for clients by the realistic image on the existing condition. It helps attract clients and shorten decision making process
- For contractor: As much as early decision making, improving constructability is an important aspect for time and cost saving in construction. We provide general contractors with a VR glasses with Virtual Mock‐ups(3D models) or mobile devices with 3D models/3D Shop drawings/3D PDFs for critical points complicated area. Then  contractors can easily preview the completed condition of certain rooms with 3D models or check the constructability by viewing 3D shop drawings with these devices. On the contrast of traditional way of thumbing through page by page ofdrawing set, 3D data is helping contractors, sub‐contractors to understand the area where they are about to work, precisely
Specifically, in healthcare, operating room’s layout of all equipment will be followed by surgeon’s specific operating procedures. Since the layout of quipment are dictating where MEP system such as gas pipes, ducts, wires, should be, as well, during installation. Therefore, inspecting the rooms with Virtual mock‐ups and making all related‐decisions in advance is very crucial and became very important process during construction. Early decision making by owners will help narrow down a number of change orders and it will save construction period. 

- Virtual Reality for Maintenance Control and Facility Management 
When construction is completed, it is the right time to compile VR‐panorama picture set. Especially for MEP rooms with all the equipment are installed, VR‐panorama pictures and manuals linked on pictures for each machine became very essential when machine was broken and needed instant inspection and repair. You don’t need any specific software to open the panorama data when it is saved in exe format. All you need is a pc or tablet pc to open the file by tapping with two fingers. Or VR‐panorama can be viewed HTML, Flash and QTVR format. 

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