The differences between scan to BIM and point cloud to BIM

Scan to BIM is a process of using 3D laser to scan existing condition before construction or completed building to capture detailed information about elements in physical space. This process agrees on laser scan specification, include level of detailing and work scope. Scan to BIM service help:
- For survey stage: Ensure that have no barriers around building can be effected by the construction process
- For asbuilt stage: Support to do as-built documentation
Point cloud to BIM is a platform of technology and software to create 3D model with precise and accurate information from pointcloud for data usage. This is a latest technology used in the AEC industry to capture As-built conditions of a building by exporting point data on CAD or BIM software platforms like Revit.
Scan to BIM vs poin cloud to BIM

We have to create BIM model (3D model with detailed information that required for using) from pointcloud which scanned by laser scan. Hence, they can be used for coordination, prefabrication, estimation and scheduling.
Point cloud to BIM is the platform and scan to BIM is the process that has to be done in AS-BUILT condition.
Work Methodology:
Import the Scan file into Revit and set the co-ordinates as clients’ requirements.
All of building elements will be modeled in the listed deliverable scope of work
Model was timely submitted so as to keep a check on the project progress. Some of the elements which were completely not visible in the scans were develop using the photographs provided by the client.

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