Revit competency checklist

For Novice level

  • Creating New Plan, Drafting and 3D Views 
  • Creating and amending Grids and Levels 
  • Editing Types, inserting and amending Walls, Doors, Windows and Components 
  • Editing Types, inserting and amending/embedding Curtain Walls 
  • Editing Types, inserting and amending Roofs, Ceilings and Floors 
  • Editing Types, inserting and amending Ramps, Stairs and Railings 
  • Creating and amending Elevations, Sections and Detail Callouts 
  • Creating and amending Rooms, Room tags and Room Separations 
  • Loading and inserting new Families (from the library) 
  • Editing the parameters of pre-loaded families to create new types Inserting and amending Dimensions and Text
  • Inserting and amending detail elements such as Detail lines, Filled regions and Masking Regions
  • Inserting and amending Sheets and adding Views? Printing sheets and Sheet Sets

For intermediate level

  • All of the Novice skills above 
  • Creating and amending Conceptual Masses 
  • Creating and amending Model groups 
  • Linking and Managing Revit, CAD and Image Links 
  • Setting up Camera views and basic Rendering 
  • Managing Project Phases? Setting True North/Project North 
  • Creating and amending Fill patterns, Line Styles, Materials Creating and amending basic Parametric Families Using Design Options 
  • Creating Topographic surfaces, Site components and Subregions etc 
  • Using Worksets, Creating Local File and Saving to Central 
  • Creating and amending Repetaing Components 
  • Creating and applying View Templates 
  • Creating and amending Schdeules and Legends 
  • Creating and amending Room Colour Fills 
  • Using Object Styles and View/Graphic Overrides

For advanced Level

  • All of the Novice & Intermediate skills above 
  • Managing Phase Filters and Phase Graphic Overrides? 
  • Creating and applying Graphic Filters 
  • Creating Worksets and adding/amending elements to worksets 
  • Creating an archive of the Central File 
  • Creating a new Central file 
  • Creating and scheduling Cut and Fill on Topography 
  • Creating Keynotes and amending the Keynote File 
  • Amending Family Categories
  • Creating and amending Parametric Families (with nested families and formulas)
  • Creating detailed Renders with lighting and materials
  • Creating & amending Structural elements? Creating & amending MEP System elements 
  • Adding System Connections to Families 
  • Using Copy/Monitor and Coordination Review Tools 
  • Creating and amending Line patterns 
  • Using Coordinate and Positioning Tools 
  • Linking and Managing visibility of Consultant models
  • Creating and amending profiles for sweeps and reveals etc
  • Creating and using Parts and Assemblies 
  • Using Shared Parameters within Families 
  • Creating Curtain Wall Panels Creating Adaptive Components

For Expert Level

  • All of the Novice, Intermediate & Advanced skills above
  • Creating and amending complex Parametric Families
  • Creating Family Type Catalogues
  • Importing and using Point Clouds
  • Creating, amending & using Shared Parameters in the Project and Families
  • Using Energy Analysis tools
  • Using System Checking and Reporting Tools
  • Using Structural Checking Tools
  • Using Worksharing Monitor
  • Using Parameters
  • Importing and using IFC files
  • Importing and using gbXML files

How many percents you can reach on above checlist at each level? 
As our opinion, we don't have to suffer under these checklist competence because of it's really difficult to answer honestly the question: which level are you at? People just don't know what they don't know. A good staff is person who can resolve problems flexibly and never stop learning to advance skills. 
We hope the list is a start, and it is probably better to use it as a checklist for interviews / monitoring progress.

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