Comparison benefit of using Revit and Archi CAD

As you know, BIM - Building Information Modeling open more great opportunities for software development, even with the long-historical development software like Revit and Archi CAD. They are both advanced and mature BIM software applications. Rather than discussing which one is best overall, you should investigate which one is the best fit for you or your company.
Bellows are some comparisons items between these softwares:

-          huge market capacity, common software standard for communication
-          widely supported (courses, books, tutorials, support) for architecture
-          be able to open with various type of files and widely documented.
-          Does not run on OSX, only partially multi-threaded, so needs fastest CPU, but does not take too much advantage from multiple CPU cores.
-          File size and scaleability issues.
-          Use of many families enlarges the project file considerably
-          almost fully multi-threaded, runs also on OSX, has a friendlier user interface (more visual - not dialog in dialog in dialog) and is oriented clearly towards architects.
-          It has very well developed support for IFC (easy to add custom PropertySets, by any user), good drafting & layout approach, decent rendering.
-          Very flexible and efficient parametric objects (through GDL scripting). GDL objects don't affect file size (only reference & attribute values are stored in a project).

-          custom objects require GDL scripting, which is a no-go for most users (who don't want to program)
-          many old workarounds are never fully solved
-          some extensions are never properly updated (most notably: stair maker), less-used API (C++ with limited documentation and examples).

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