Benefit of scan to BIM services for as-built stage

Scan to BIM is to provide  additional point cloud which was created by laser scanners become functionaly and Revit modeling data that can be trusted and validated. 

Scan to BIM help capture accurately as-built conditions and reduce time spent modeling point clouds, and is becoming more popular in USA and UK - where are developing on BIM most strongly. 

The software use for scan to BIM is Autodesk® ReCap, the point cloud engine for Revit, combines point cloud and photogrammetry, allowing designers to visualize and use larger datasets. 
Scan to BIM service provider will check, analys and filt pointcloud data to provide the valid pointcloud that you can interact. Thanks for the greate tool Autodesk® ReCap, technician can automately recognite and place architectural, structure elements such as walls, columns, beam, lights, interior and MEP elements such as pipes, ducts, conduit and more. And then create Revit model to asbuilt documentary. The good product is a fit-point Revit model, full of elements and meet specification requirements of clients (LOD Level, non-physical information...)

Benefit of scan to BIM:

- Create Revit model for Architecture, structure and MEP elements including walls, column, levels, pipes, pipe runs...
- help compatible with  all digital files and almost every latest BIM software supports it.
- Can export/import data in automated format for survey data
- Help you to read in survey data for as-built conditions and exporting design data for field verification
- Don't have to visit to site to mesure so help to save time and money
- Help to get precise and flawless data, helps you find the production and construction problems at early stage.
- Give direct feedback to he development team from within the product

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